Lockbox Installation & Removal

Lockbox Installation & Removal

Increase your chances of selling your property faster while adding a level of protection through a quality lockbox. Real estate agents can have access to the lockbox, allowing them to showcase your property to prospective buyers. The lockbox also comes with a shackle that you can attach to your doorknob for added protection. We can also install them in other areas you prefer, such as a nearby storage shed or other external buildings.

Advantages of using Real Estate Lockboxes:

  • Convenience – A lockbox allows interested buyers to see your home even if you’re not present.
  • Privacy – People who wish to look at your property without other interested buyers present can do so.
  • Increases Level of Security – Not everyone can enter your home. Only those to whom you give the PIN code can access the lockbox.

We use high-quality lockboxes to ensure top-notch performance, safety, and reliability. Once the sale is complete, we will remove the lockbox and even remove the “for sale” signage for you.

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