Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses are a prime breeding ground for dust mites. Though invisible to the naked eye, these pests feed on our dead skin particles, in turn laying fecal matter that triggers allergic reactions. If not treated immediately, mattresses can become a constant source of irritation, itchy eyes, migraines, poor sleep, and allergies.

Over time, the impact of dust mites accumulates, affecting the air quality of the room. In fact, a mattress can double in weight over ten years due to the debris and dust mite buildup!

Mattress Cleaning

Phoenix of Rhode Island will go above and beyond to ensure your mattress looks and feels as good as new. In addition to our hot water extraction cleaning process, we apply two different types of sanitizers to the mattress including a UVC germicidal light, to kill the maximum number of microorganisms present and increase the impact of our deep clean.


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