The COVID-19 pandemic is a wake-up call for homeowners who take for granted the process of disinfecting their homes. Cleaning your spaces may be good, but it is never enough if you want to protect your family from different kinds of viruses and other pathogens, both old and new.

The answer is Phoenix of Rhode Island’s full spectrum of disinfection services. We use tools, methods, and techniques that follow guidelines set by the EPA and CDC. As a result, we deliver deed cleaning for homes and commercial buildings with high-volume foot traffic.

Our Cleaning Process 

We use a 6-step cleaning process that revolves around two powerful yet non-toxic cleaning agents: Chlorine Dioxide and Zoono®. Chlorine Dioxide is a solution made up of one atom of Chlorine and two atoms of Oxygen. It effectively kills viruses, bacteria, and other kinds of pathogens rapidly when applied to surfaces.

Compared to bleach, Chlorine Dioxide is safer, as it doesn’t contain any of the same toxins. Hence, it’s safe for your children and pets. In fact, water manufacturers also use it to purify their products.

As for Zoono®, it is a water-based, antibacterial molecule that kills 99.9% of germs. It’s also effective against viruses including COVID-19. It works as a protective layer against pathogens and lasts for up to 30 days. This layer features positively charged microscopic pins that attract viruses and other negatively charged particles and bursts their cells, effectively killing them.

We also perform ATP testing before and after the disinfection process. ATP testing helps us determine the amount of microbes present on the surface. It shows us the amount of pathogens we need to eliminate. After disinfecting the area, our technicians will run another ATP test and show you the sterling results.

The health and safety of your family go first. Click on the button below to schedule an appointment with us!