Tile And Grout Cleaning Rhode Island

Over time, the beautiful tiles in your home start to lose their luster. Scrubbing and brushing each tile can take hours, and the harsh cleaning materials you use may end up doing more harm to your tile than good. Improper tile maintenance can also harbor bacteria, putting young children who crawl around the, especially at risk.

Our technicians will conduct an inspection of your tiles and grout to determine the most problematic areas. Using our years of expertise and quality solutions, we can tackle the toughest situations that regular scrubbing with water and soap cannot achieve, without damaging your beautiful tile.

After the cleaning, our technicians apply a deep-penetrating tile and grout sealer that provides water-repelling effects that minimize the impact of stains and spills. If needed, we are also able to change color grout sealers and fix any minor damages visible on your tiles.

If you want the shine back in your tile, or your grout needs some deep cleaning, schedule an appointment using the button below!