Water Damage Restoration Rhode Island

A flooded house can be one of the toughest challenges any homeowner can face. You have to remove trapped water indoors and dry up the walls, floor, and furniture; yet some issues go beyond the surface. Serious water damage can result in structural damage, electrical issues, higher utility bills, and health concerns. Overlooked areas can result in long-term mold exposure that may affect your respiratory health. 

Phoenix of Rhode Island offers reliable water damage services to restore your home to its full potential. 

We provide a full inspection of your home to assess the extent of the water damage.  

Our technicians will use a powerful vacuum to remove the water inside your home and dehumidify the area. 

We will eradicate all the dirt, waste, and other contaminants and sanitize the area to kill all the pathogens. It is our mission to restore your property to its pre-water damage state. 

Address the Effects of Water Damage, Today!

Click on the button to schedule an appointment with our team. Let’s fix your water damage and bring your home back to life like a Phoenix rising from the ashes!